Card SAM Electronic Cabinets

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Key and card access go hand in hand across the multiple industries that Key Systems, Inc. products serve. Our Card SAM provides controlled access, storage and reporting for the cards critical to your facilities operation.

Secure Any Card

  • Guard tour systems
  • Fleet management
  • Company credit cards
  • Employee / Contractor / Visitor Badges
  • Door / Room access cards
  • Vehicle fuel cards

Access Card Security

Exterior Card Positions

Retaining cards in exterior vertical card sleeves provides electronic monitoring and physical security. A dual switch on each position ensures that card and key must be locked in place in order to register the card as returned.

Access Card Security

Each locked key position physically prevents the corresponding card from being removed. Using a Tamper-Proof Key Ring® - keys, cards and other assets can be secured together in one position.

External Card SAM Dimensions & Capacity

Asset Control With Tamper Proof Key Rings



Internal Card Positions

Cards stored internally are encased in a protective plastic sleeve and latched via Tamper-Proof Key Ring®. Position key and card are physically linked together and must both be removed/returned in order to complete each transaction.

Internal Card SAM Dimensions & Capacity