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Chit-Key Vaults & Panels

Our Chit-Key products use a very simple but clever technique for storing and ensuring the safe return of your keys. Locks are paired up to operate in tandem. You turn a key in one lock to remove a second key from another lock.
We offer two standard chit-key vaults, but can customize their basic design to accommodate as many key positions as you need. Both vaults are made of 18-gauge brushed stainless steel and use ¾ inch cam locks.
More Information on Lock Options

  • The single-key vault weighs 3 pounds and measures 6 inches high by 3.75 inches wide by 3.75 inches deep.
  • The six-key vault weighs 15 pounds and measures 13.25 inches high by 11.25 inches wide by 5 inches deep.
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Multi-Chit Panel

Fleet managers responsible for school buses, moving vans, semis, police cars, taxi cabs, and delivery trucks are installing our multi-chit key panels. These heavy duty panels, made of 16-gauge powder-coated metal, come in 20- and 50-key sets. The ¾ inch cam locks, arranged in rows, are paired one above the other to work in tandem. Locking a key in one lock releases the second key from its corresponding lock. That first key cannot be removed until the second key is returned and locked in place.

  • 20-key Panel: Height: 12.125" Width: 24" Depth: 2.25" Weight: 20 pounds without keys.
  • 50-key Panel: Height: 24" Width: 28.625" Depth: 2.25" Weight: 45 pounds without keys
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