Lock Options

The Security Asset Manager (SAM) is available with a wide variety of lock options. To suit your needs, some options can be mixed and matched. Card slots are also available.


KSI Dimple Cam Lock  Medeco Cam Lock  Abloy Cam Lock

Lock options available for purchase from KSI with our SAM product. The method of key control is via attachment of our Tamper-Proof Key Rings®.

    • KSI "Dimple" Cam Lock
    • Other Cam Locks

Direct entrapment of Schlage style large format interchangeable core  Large and small format using direct entrapment and Tamper Proof Key Rings  BEST key panel

Interchangeable core housing formats available. The method of key control can be either Direct Entrapment or attachment via Tamper-Proof Key Rings®.

KSI has integrated multiple lock styles that were customer supplied.
Please call for more details!

*Cores sold separately


Key Systems, Inc. has incorporated a number of other manufacturer's locks and interchangeable core housings into our SAM product. We also provide flexible engineering options to house your locks, regardless of shape or size.

All locks are customer provided. Please call us to see what is available.


"LockSock" Pad Lock Protector

When Operation Truly Counts

Invented for the Military, By One of Its Own.
The LockSock helps keep debris and the elements from lock mechanisms for prolonged lock life.


Full Operation Guaranteed • Protection of Inner Lock Mechanisms
Protects From All Types of Elements • Protects to -32 Degrees Freezing • Fits All Standard Pad Locks


The LockSock is available in Black, Yellow, Orange, and Red