Surface SWAT

Remote Storage Access

The KSI Surface SWAT was designed to meet today's security challenges. This emergency entry device grants authorized users access to keys and other small stored assets. Easy installation, indoor/outdoor use and weather-proof electronics make this product ideal for remote applications.

Literature Sheet(PDF)

SWATBox With Keys

Electronic Access

The stored key is retained in an electronic stainless steel vault that is weather proof and vandal resistant. Keypad or card reader user ID gives access to the vault.


The key pad is capacitance based with no moving parts. It is weather proof and has no moving membrane or mechanical switches to wear out.

Network Based

All vaults are connected to a central database by Ethernet. Web based programming controls who gets what when. Secure web enabled devices can be used to remotely release assets. All vault use is recorded in the central database. Reports can be made from this database.


Vaults can be powered by AC supplies at each device or brought in by POE (Power Over Ethernet). An optional UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can provide standby power during a power failure.


The vault is constructed of Stainless Steel to be weather proof without the need for paint. The key pad face is Lexan for durability.


Our central server GFMS (Global Facility Management Software) is included with the Vaults. You manage all your users and vaults with this software. You can set rules as to who can get what when. You can create rules for alarms that can be sent as text messages or emails. GFMS is web based and accessible from any authorized web based device.

Software and Firmware Updates

Software and firmware updates are deliverable over the web for most features to keep your devices up to date.

Emergency Release

Should an emergency release be necessary, the container of the vault can be released using a key.


The vault has two threaded receivers on the back to receive bolts from inside the secure area and the model shown is 4.63” wide x 7.63” tall (when closed) and 3.5” deep.